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Since beginning a career in the drilling business in 1980 with water supply contractor Layne - New York Company, Bill Maloney has gone from a position of rig hand to project engineer, company owner to almost Governor of West Virginia. Bill was a co-founder and executive at North American Drillers, North American Pump and Supply Co., and Shaft Drillers International (SDI). He grew SDI from a two-person business in 1984 to become the world-leader in large-diameter shaft drilling for mining and other industries. He sold his share of the businesses in 2006 and now enjoys his growing family, helping numerous startup companies, nonprofits, trade groups and think tanks. 

The 33

For most of us, it’s easy to block out all the  terrible news you hear every day. For instance, the August 2010 headline that  announced that 33 Chilean miners trapped underground were still alive 17 days  later: “Four months to drill a hole and rescue the miners—we hope to have them  out before Christmas." Luckily the miner's prayers and this headline got to a few old drillers back in the USA. Despite numerous setbacks, our  “Plan B” rescue borehole took only 33 days to drill.  Along the way we even received a patent for design of the Fenix rescue capsule that pulled the miners to safety after 69 days underground!

Use Life Experience to Help Others

Leadership by example & motivating others with life experience is what it's all about.  Whether it's a novel concept like the rescue capsule, running for Governor, nurturing a fledgling startup, or giving a motivational speech, we continue to navigate our way through life by constantly striving to do the right thing!


"I want to thank you for speaking at the 2017 Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference. Your presentation about the rescue of the horrific cave in and the importance of training and knowledge of assigned tasks connected with our audience. Again thank you for presenting at our conference."

Tim Lutz, CSHM

Safety Director

The Walker Company



Industrial Safety






Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

"If you see an opportunity to do something good, do it."

Chilean mine rescue: Lessons Learned

"It's never wrong to do the RIGHT thing."

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